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Allocating stock to an event Update 23.5

You can now select a category to filter on:

or if need be, not use the filter by category, and search everything:

The category / brand has also been added as a column when searching, and as requested the ordering is now done as follows:

Category Name -> Item Name -> Item Description.

2. When returning stock, you can now select if you want to send a notification to a notification group. If a group is selected, everyone in the group receives a notification including the event name and date, as well as which item was returned, with the quantity. If the item was returned back damaged, the email also includes these details, with the reason why they where damaged:

3. When running the Stock Report, this has been updated to check if an item is returnable or not, to resolve any confusion as the availability of this item is date based and will change daily, the InStock and Currently Out values are now displayed as NA

A new column has been added to the Stock Sheet Report to show a running total of the amount of damaged stock that has been returned:

4. Events Calendar Export:

When viewing the Events Calendar, depending on the users calendar allocations, they can now export the calendar based on a date range:

As well as select which calendars to include in the export.

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